Donnock Dennis

Perhaps one of the more intriguing of my ancestors, Donnock Dennis appears in
a lot of different histories.  His name has been spelled many different ways.  
As one reads different accounts of his life, you will see his name spelled
Donagh, Dannock, Dunick, Tonath, Donnock, and Donock.  I guess that goes with 
the tradition of the times, which seemed to dictate best guess spelling of peoples 

Unverified accounts list him as being born in 1645 in County Galway, Ireland.

According to Reamy, he immigrated to Maryland from England in 1632 and settled
in Somerset Co., MD in 1665.  While I don't dispute the settlement in Maryland date,
marriage records of Accomack Co., VA show the marriage of Donock Dennis to Elice Nebulian
on July 31, 1661.  This is corroborated in many other references. (Northampton records, Wills, 
Deeds, etc., 1657-1666,p.114; 24 Journal of American History, p. 214)

This would lead me to believe he settled in Virginia, at least for a while, before
migrating to Maryland circa 1665.  This is borne out by the book "Old Somerset on
The Eastern shore of Maryland.  Pg. 280 lists Donnock Dennis as one of many coming 
to Somerset from Northampton-Accomack Co. in Virginia.

When he migrated to Somerset around 1665-1668, he brought with him his wife Elice (he named has 
been represented as Ellis, Elice, and Alice), his son William, and his daughter Elizabeth.

Donnock and Elice had issue: (This always sounds funny to me - these are their children)
	Donnock Jr.

 More to come - got to go to work now!

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